This assignment was to develop a brand for a grocery store, including naming the hypothetical company, researching competitors developing brand attributes, a background story, and a mission statement. In addition, the project requirements were to design a logo, business card, letterhead, envelope, and two ads.

Mission Statement: To encourage college students to eat better food with access to making fresh healthy meals as convenient as possible.

Brand Attributes: Convenient, Easy, Organic/Healthy, Educational, & Cheap.

When developing Food101 I first analyzed other healthy, proportioned meal delivery companies like Purple Carrot, Blue Apron, and Green Chef. What makes Food 101 different from these companies, is it’s targeted towards inexperienced college students, with minimal kitchen appliances. Food101 offers jobs to college students first, gives discounts to students with school IDs, and their stores are always located within walking distances from college universities.

Each meal comes in a box, that contains prepackaged and pre-portioned ingredients, as well as easy to follow step-by-step instructions with pictures. Each Box is color coded. Green for vegetarian-friendly, yellow for gluten-free meals, and red, if the meal contains meat.

Above are a series of Food101 ads. These ads are targeted towards inexperienced cooks. My goal was to make cooking look easy by narrowing my recipes to three (or fewer) ingredients and breaking down each recipe into four steps.

FOOD 101

Let’s be honest. The worst part about college, isn’t the all-nighters, isn’t the walking to school in the freezing cold, isn’t even your annoying roommates, it’s the dorm food. Bottom line is if you don’t know how to cook, and you’re broke, you’re not going to eat healthy fresh food, you’re gonna eat fast food and that isn’t good for your brain.

Food101 is the solution.

Food 101 is an all-organic cheap alternative to dorm food, that provides pre-packaged meals, with easy-to-follow recipes that may also teach you how to cook.